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Verticroft Holdings is the Middle East-focused food security and sustainable agriculture-focused holding company with portfolio companies in Agri-tech, precision agriculture cultivation, livestock breeding, food security, food distribution, and F&B.


Multi Award Winning, Record Breaking Sheep Breed,
Farmed in the Middle East by Verticroft Holdings

The Australian White (AW) was developed by three major sheep stud operations in Australia over several years and was launched in 2011.

Utilizing embryo transfer, artificial insemination, and selective line breeding, the “best” characteristics of the four source breeds were used to develop the AW.

The original design was to be a self-replacing meat sheep that sheds its own hair, can survive in extreme weather conditions (from cold and wet to hot and arid environments), early maturing, and breed year-round.

No. 1 Highest grossing sheep sale in Australian history
No. 1 Fastest growing breed association in Australia
No. 1 Sheep at the Melbourne cup sheep awards
No. 1 Sheep for eating quality worldwide

Sustainably Nurtured, Distinctly Savored

Fed With The World's Most Sustainable Animal Feed

Verticroft Holdings rear sheep on grass, produced locally and hydroponically in the Middle East. Our farm has a 20 metric tonne per day production capacity of a sustainable, environmentally produced highly nutritious, protein packed and highly digestible feed for all kinds of livestock. Scientifically proven health, environmental and cost saving benefits.

Our Fodder contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E, and K. It also has beta carotene, pantothenic acid, and folic acid. It has minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, organic sodium, and phosphorus. Finally, it also boasts of amino acids, chlorophyll, fiber, protein, and enzymes.

Tonne per day in 30SQM
ltrs of water to produce 1 tonne
Days production regardless of climate or geographical location
Hectares of arable land saved per tonne of fodder produced

Solving One Of The Biggest Challenges
In The Middle East

The Middle East have only two options, either import animal feed to feed inefficient animals, or import meat. Neither provide a fair, affordable or economically viable model to farmers or consumers with the cost of both animal feed and meat in the GCC some of the highest in the world.
A lack of available and affordable animal feed ,95% of all animal feed in the GCC is imported from overseas at a great economic expense
A lack of suitable sheep breed that is economically viable from a feeding and management perspective the GCC currently imports circa 3 billion USD of lamb on an annual basis and is the largest per capita consumer of lamb in the world.

GCC Food Market Report

Verticroft Holdings is creating a solution to one of the largest challenges faced by the Middle East- the ability to attain food security.

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Ryan Singlehurst


Amine Ben


Marina Gorobetchi

HR & Procurement

Hein Nieuwoudt

Head of Agriculture

Abbas Mirza

Director - Corporate Finance

Wilfed Van Der Linde


Dr. Zahoor Muzafar Said


Matthew Doyle

Head Grower